• Regina Sugayama

Hello, World!

Directly from Brazil, I'm here to introduce you my small universe of colors, tastes and flavors of jams and to show you how amazing these jars are in making your day by day healthier and playful.

Learnt how to make jams in my family and I believe jams are magical. They transform something ephemeral in long lasting food, preventing food waste and allowing long distance transportation. You wouldn't be able, for instance, to legally import jabuticaba from Brazil into the US, but - yes - you may import jabuticaba jam. Also, mostly everybody has in the family someone who loves to preserve vegetables and fruits so that jams are frequently regarded as comfort food.

But I don't want to be the boring one here telling you technical information about jams I craft with so much passion. Rather I will tell you the story of each flavor and choices that came into play when designing them. Also I will offer you recipes and pairing suggestions.

Texts were creatively and critically reviewed by a beloved friend, Michael Shirrefs, from Chicago, a talented food writer who I had the pleasure to meet on Instagram, to whom I heartfully acknowledge.



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