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Pineapple Jam

Add a touch of cinnamon to this jam and use it as a filling in flaky pastries or airy strudels. Apply it as a glaze on a slow-cooked pork roast, fresh or smoked, to achieve satisfying sweet-and-sour dish. Or simply spread this taste-of-the-tropics on fresh bread, toast or rich coconut spongy cake to delight yourself at breakfast! You will be surprised how dense with fruit each jar of this special jam is.


Pineapple, sugar, lemon juice

Excellent Pairings

Slow-cooked pork, flakey pastry, fresh bread, toast


When one thinks of the fruits of Brazil, it is very likely the pineapple is the first that comes to mind for its exuberant tropical vibe. This is fair. It is native to the tropical regions of the Americas, and Brazil is a major producer in the international pineapple market. In many parts of the world, the pineapple is a symbol of welcome and hospitality.

The pineapple is naturally very low in pectin, and I had made the conscious decision not to add any from other sources. This presented a challenge. How do you achieve the right consistency and maintain the vibrancy of the original fruit? I tested several variables. Cut the fruit into large pieces; cut it into small pieces. Add more sugar; add less sugar. Use high heat for a fast cook; use low heat for a slow cook. The end result after many calculated trails is a dense jam, heavy with fruit. You will be pleased.


Brazil is the second largest grower of this tropical fruit worldwide. (Costa Rica is first.) And the state where I live, Minas Gerais, is the third largest producing area within the country. Good soil and ideal climate guarantee year-long availability of the bright, flavorful pineapple in this jam.

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