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A Little Bit of Sunshine in Your Life

Tropical Fruit Jam

The intense golden yellow of ripe mango with the black seeds from the passion fruit make this probably the most eye-catching of our jams. It’s sweetness makes it a good spread on fresh bread, toast and cake. Swirl it into natural yogurt or curd for a bright pop of flavor. Mix it with cachaça and you have a drink that offers up the very best tropical vibes, especially if you use banana-flavored cachaça. This jam is like a sunny day by the sea.


Mango, passion fruit, sugar, lemon juice

Excellent Pairings

Natural yogurt, fresh bread, toast, cachaça, ice cream


I love mangoes. They are my favorite fruit because they taste like summer days and sunshine. So it was predictable I would have a mango version when I started making jams. But, unlike with the fresh mango, I found the jam sort of bland. It did not have the strong personality the other jams did, so I decided not to take it further.

Until, that is, the idea of pairing it with passion fruit came to me. I thought the acidity of the passion fruit would result in a peppier, more interesting flavor. And it did. It became one of my favorite jams. At first I recommended it as a spread for bread or toast, but our opinion expanded when a beloved friend of mine, Joelma, told me she was preparing drinks by mixing it with cachaça. Very convenient, she said, as it has three ingredients in just one jar: mango, passion fruit and sugar. Easy and on the go! No mess in the kitchen, no leftovers of fruit rotting in the fridge. It was the perfect ingredient. Needless to say we had to increase production of this jam!


Though originating on the Indian Subcontinent, Brazil’s very favorable environmental conditions allow mangoes to thrive and the country is one of the world’s major exporters of this exuberant fruit. Since the implementation of irrigated areas in the Northeast Region of Brazil, mangoes are harvested and exported all year long. Available in various shapes, colors, sizes and tastes, mangoes add a tropical vibe to foods and beverages.

Passion fruit is native to the tropical regions of the Americas. Brazil is a major grower of this exotic fruit.

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