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Red Pepper with Pineapple Jam

Mini tarts of red pepper jam with artisan cheese

A golden background patched with red pepper flakes and seeds, this eye-catching spread is versatile, making a good match to both white and yellow cheeses and a mess-saving ingredient in the preparation of sweet-and-sour pork meat dishes. It perfectly balances dark chocolate, as in mousses, resulting in an elegant and surprising dessert.

Chef Diogo Sabião (Menu Nia) harmonized red pepper jam with dark chocolate mousse during Festival Fartura 2019


Pineapple, sugar, pepper, lemon juice

Excellent pairings

White cheese, yellow cheese, pork meat, dark chocolate


This was the first spicy jam I created, after insistent requests from clients and friends… but back in 2016 I was not an appreciateur of peppers as I am today. I visited stores to check for peppers available and there were so many kinds I was dazed. Which one should I pick up? Which fruit should I use as base?

Teotihuacán, Mexico, a sacred place

These questions echoed for long without answers and it was during a visit to Teotihuacán, in Mexico, that they came up. It was very hot and I went for a popsicle and for my surprise, there was an unusual flavor: pineapple and red pepper.

Among so many options, there it was: the roadway to my first pepper jam!

Needless to say, it was love at the first sip and on my return to Brazil I tried different degrees of spiciness to reach the formulation of this that is one of our best sellers!

The ingredients

Pineapples. Brazil is the second grower of this tropical fruit worldwide, being the state where I live (Minas Gerais) the third largest area in the country. Suitable soil and climate, as well as favorable sanitary conditions, guarantee year-long availability of the major ingredient of this jam.

Peppers. The sort of red peppers used in the preparation of this spread are called in Portuguese “Dedo-de-Moça”, which literally translates to ‘lady’s finger’. Its scientific name is Capsicum baccatum, it is native from South America and reaches 150,000 points in Scoville Scale, which places it in the group of the moderately spicy peppers.

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