• Regina Sugayama

To Demeter, with Love

Mandarin orange jam

Mouthwatering and capable of evoking long term memories of grandma’s food. It is common to listen to these feedbacks from clients when tasting this bright orange jam. Citrusy as it has to be, it matches dark chocolate as few jams do. Also, combines with both white and maturated cheeses and for breakfast can be spread on toast, pancake or bread. With black tea, it recreates Earl Gray’s, both in the hot and in the iced versions. Had I to run away with just one jam today, it’d likely be this one.


I have always loved to travel and wherever I go I try to eat local and to find things that do not exist in Brazil. And since I started this jam business, of course wherever I go I search for flavors and new references. In fact, I have at home several boxes filled with fruit spreads brought from these trips. It was January 2019 and I was visiting Athens, Greece. I was amazed by the many specialty food stores, by the diversity of agribusiness products and by the how much local products were valued.

I could barely choose what to bring home but I made a right choice bringing three small jars of citric fruit jams: there were two types of tangerines and one orange. with the blessings of Demeter, those jam are not ambrosia but could be the food of the gods of Mount Olympus! They had lots of fruit peel and were not made of juice thickened with pectin as many citric jams I had already tried and disliked. Experienced with three types of tangerine and selected the one that yielded the most aromatic jam.


Tangerines, as other cultivated citrus fruits, are native from Asia and spread all over the five continents after the increase in trade promoted by Europeans after the XVI Century. Brazil is the biggest producer and has the largest citrus industrial park in the world. Minas Gerais is one of the most prominent citrus growing states in the country, targeting the production of table fruits.

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