• Regina Sugayama

The Darling of Burger Lovers

Onion, Rosemary and Wine Jam


Onion, sugar, wine, rosemary, salt

Excellent Pairings

Red meat, cheese


This is a jam made for burger lovers. Boldly aromatic, it combines the rich scent of caramelized onions with red wine and rosemary. You just grill your burger patty, spread a generous spoonful of this jam on it and put it between bread slices. Add cheese if desired; it will go well with it! Or, use it on cheese and charcuterie boards together with spicy and fruity jams.


It was November 2018 and I was already well into the jam business when I visited New York City for the first time. I knew in advance that I’d love it with all my heart, but I couldn’t guess the love would be so deep. The diversity of food choices. Cuisines from all over the world. Ingredients I had never ever seen. It is no wonder New York City is a gastronomic Mecca for foodies. I promised myself I’d eat a different cuisine each day of my stay, preferably from countries I had never visited. I was doing well. I had food from Vietnam, Korea, Cuba… But at a certain moment I thought I should also have a typical American hamburger. And so I did. It was luscious and had an unforgettable onion jam spread between the meat and the bread. Sweet and savory, I could have eaten a second burger just because of that jam. Back home, I started testing to come up with the formula we have today. And, yes, it is worth crying every time we cook it!


Onions are probably the most common flavorant herb used in Brazil. They add flavor, aroma, and umami to food. Though native to Central Asia, they are grown worldwide, including in Brazil.

Rosemary is a woody aromatic herb very much appreciated in Mediterranean cuisine as a natural flavoring. Slightly bitter and astringent, it also helps to increase shelf-life when added to a food. All rosemary used in our jams is grown in our backyard without chemicals.



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